NCCR Automation

2020 series

Home institution: ETH Zurich

Digitalisation and automation are rapidly gaining ground and playing an increasingly important role in our daily lives. The National Centre of Competence in Research "Dependable Ubiquitous Automation" (NCCR Automation) investigates new interdisciplinary approaches to controlling complex automated systems in order to ensure that they function reliably and safely. NCCR Automation combines basic and applied research by focusing on the search for new control methodologies and algorithms and their use in integrated and distributed computer systems. In five research modules, it develops methods and algorithms for implementation in concrete applications, such as the automation of energy networks ("Energy Systems" module), future mobility systems ("Mobility of the Future" module) and various industrial processes ("Industry 4.0" module). In return, these concrete applications will feed basic research ("Theoretical foundations" and "Computational methods" modules).

Further information on the NCCR:

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  • Contact details

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    ​NCCR Directorate

    Prof. John Lygeros
    Direktor, NCCR Automation
    ETH Zürich
    Institut für Automatik
    Physikstrasse 3
    8092 Zürich
    Phone: +41 (0) 44 632 89 70
    jlygeros@ethz.chExternal Link Icon

    Prof. Gabriela Hug
    Co-Direktor, NCCR Automation
    ETH Zürich
    Institut für Energiesysteme & Hochspannungstechnik
    Physikstrasse 3
    8092 Zürich
    Phone: +41 (0) 44 633 81 91
    ghug@ethz.chExternal Link Icon

    NCCR Management

    NCCR Automation
    Physikstrasse 3
    8092 Zürich
    contact@nccr-automation.chExternal Link Icon

  • Funding

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    Financing 2020 – 2023 (Swiss francs)

    Funding source


    SNSF grant


    Funds of ETH Zurich


    Group funds of the project participants


    External funds


    NCCRs are financed through grants awarded by the SNSF, but also from other sources. The home institution involved in the NCCR also contributes a substantial amount of money. The available overall budget of the NCCR is further increased by monetary contributions from the project participants and third-party funds, which are generally invested by industrial companies.

  • Contact at SNSF

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    Contact person at the SNSF:

    Dr. Nathalie Schaller
    NCCR Team
    Swiss National Science Foundation
    Wildhainweg 3
    3001 Bern
    Phone: +41 (0) 31 308 24 28
    nathalie.schaller@snf.chExternal Link Icon