Communicating with the public

The SNSF supports researchers who wish to interact with the public in a number of ways: it offers individual advice, a best practices guide and media training courses as well as distribution through SNSF publishing. In addition, the SNSF runs the funding scheme Agora, which funds public science communication projects.

​The SNSF is dedicated to promoting science communication with the public. It attaches great importance to the communication activities of researchers and expresses this clearly in the relevant guidelines and regulations:

Guidelines for public communication of the Swiss National Science Foundation (PDF)

The SNSF supports the communication activities of researchers:

  • by providing advice and a best practices guide/professional standards (Media guide);
  • by offering media training courses run by professionals;
  • by involving researchers in PR activities of the SNSF (Press releases);
  • by producing its own publications (Horizons);
  • by running schemes that promote science communication with the public(Agora).

Researchers receiving SNSF funding are encouraged to make the most of the communication support offered.