We are looking for committed people

A job with the SNSF will allow you to develop and realise your full potential both professionally and personally. We are looking for people who work and think in a solution-focused way without ever losing sight of the big picture. Whether in administration, research support or a staff position: our departments can offer you many exciting challenges – as a seasoned pro, career changer or trainee.

  • Experienced professionals

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    The opportunities to work with the SNSF span a variety of professional fields.

    Scientific roles

    As a scientist, you’ll bring your specific expertise to a wide variety of SNSF processes and projects. Organising scientific evaluations, supervising funded projects and engaging with working groups or research policy-related topics will all be part of a varied daily routine.

    Administrative roles

    Administrative work is the engine that drives the successful organisational and financial implementation and management of research funding. With your in-depth knowledge and multilingual expertise, you’ll be helping researchers to manage their projects optimally and providing them with crucial support.


    Our multidisciplinary and innovative HR team is responsible for a modern, flexible and digital work organisation. You’ll keep your projects on track with your dedication and deal with your day-to-day business with dynamism.


    In the SNSF’s Finance department you’ll be dealing with financial planning, monitoring and processing of research funding. This will involve working with your team to administer the SNSF’s budget, as well as ensuring that funding is used efficiently and that both honorary bodies and external experts are compensated.

    Facility management

    As part of the Facility Management team, you’ll be responsible for managing and maintaining the SNSF’s buildings and infrastructure. In particular, the team ensures compliance with safety standards and environmental guidelines within the SNSF’s facilities. This diverse department also includes cleaning, reception and cafeteria roles.


    The Communication department is responsible for the strategic planning and implementation of the SNSF’s multilingual communications. They provide information on the research projects being funded, highlight the impact the research is having, and draw attention to the significance of the SNSF as a public funding organisation. To do this, they use a range of internal and external channels – from the SNSF website, to social media, all the way to events for members of parliament.

    Strategy and data team

    Based on the knowledge of the honorary bodies and employees as well as the SNSF’s scientific findings, as part of the strategy team you’ll see to it that the SNSF is constantly evolving, thus ensuring that it is following a forward-looking and innovative strategy. At the same time, the data team deals with data analyses and data-based communication. Here you’ll advise employees on data analyses and help manage the SNSF’s data, allowing us to perform successful analyses.


    From business analysis and requirements engineering, to development and operations, to IT security – the fields of activity within the SNSF’s IT department vary widely. You’ll be working in interdisciplinary teams making use of agile methods with the necessary creative freedom.

    Legal service

    As part of the SNSF legal service, your job will be to ensure fair funding procedures. You’ll be responsible for the regulations and the contracts regulating national and international cooperation. You will also provide advice in sensitive legal and appeals procedures and ensure good governance across the whole of the SNSF.

  • University-level graduate

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    Trainee in Communica-tions/HR/IT

    As a university-level graduate trainee in the Communications or HR team, you’ll be able to put your learning into practice and advance the SNSF with innovative ideas. This will provide you with in-depth practical experience and contacts to help you successfully enter the world of work.

    Trainee in Innovation, Research and Education together with our partner

    Together with our partner SwissCore, based in Brussels, we support talented young researchers. As a trainee in the Research and Innovation area, you’ll be actively involved in current research projects, providing you with practical scientific experience and paving the way for your future career.

  • School student

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    We care about the future and do our part by providing a range of training offerings. We offer apprenticeship positions in the following roles: commercial employee, computer scientist, and mediamatician.

    Our experienced vocational trainers will support you on this path. With the SNSF you’ll be embarking on a training experience full of exciting and varied challenges. You can also look forward to great employment conditions and a dedicated team.

  • Apprenticeship graduate

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    We also welcome apprenticeship graduates into our day-to-day work in various specialist areas.