How start-ups take off to business heaven

© Lucas Ziegler

When researchers found new companies, their passion and expectations fly high. Horizons takes a calm look at the fast-moving world of start-ups.

Living from their own ideas while making the world a better place: Many researchers fulfil their lifelong dreams with a start-up. Horizons followed on the heels of these founders to find out how a new company makes it from university to the private sector, why their enthusiastic pioneers are particularly prone to burnout, and how the patent process actually works. The research magazine also takes a look back with six founders at the highs and lows of their company over the past few years.

Horizons met five pensioners who have dedicated their whole careers to research, without obtaining a professorship until later on, or not at all.

Further highlights include a cave tour through millions of years, exoplanets with the potential for extraterrestrial life, and a researcher who feels at home in the world’s jungles.

The latest issue of Horizons is just as diverse as research itself – and, as always, freely accessible for everyone.