NRP 14 "Circulation and Pollution of Air and Forest Damage in Switzerland"

The National Research Programme “Circulation and Pollution of Air and Forest Damage in Switzerland” (NRP 14) consisted of a core programme and an additional programme. The three main elements of the core programme focused on development of methods to measure emissions and immissions and the impact of polluted outdoor air.

The projects funded in the additional programme “Forest Damage and Air Pollution in Switzerland” were concentrated in three in-depth observation areas at three different altitudes above sea level (Central Plateau, Prealps and Alps). Meteorologists, chemists, soil specialists and biologists collaborated with the aim of conducting causal analytical research into the links between contamination with pollutants and damage to trees.

Launched in 1980, the programme was drawn to a close in a final event on 28 April 1992.

Facts & figures

Overall grant

CHF 12,000,000

President of the Expert Group

Werner Jutzi

Programme Director

Ulrich Roth

Completion of research work


​Final reports

  • Luft: Zur Situation von Lufthaushalt, Luftverschmutzung und Waldschäden in der Schweiz, Verlag der Fachvereine, Zürich 1992
  • Air: Etat de la situation atmosphérique, de la pollution de l'air et de dépérissement des forêts en Suisse, Editions Georg, Genève 1992
  • Luft (Video zum Schlussbericht, Verlag der Fachvereine, Zürich, (1991)/Air (vidéo au rapport final, éditions Georg, Genève, 1991)