SNSF evaluations archive

Researcher survey

In October 2013, the Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education (NIFU) conducted a survey among researchers in Switzerland. The survey provides the SNSF with information on the researchers funding situation and their opinion on two key funding schemes – Project Funding and Sinergia. This input complements an internal analysis and will help the SNSF to adjust the design and handling of the two instruments.

Swiss Research Funding - Researcher Survey for the Swiss National Science Foundation (Report 5/2014, PDF, 4.9 MB) (PDF)

Evaluation of infrastructure funding and the development of research fields

At the request of the SERI, the SNSF analysed its infrastructure funding and development of research fields in 2013 in order facilitate an evaluation by the Swiss Science and Innovation Council (SWIR). The results of the analysis are presented in the SNSF's self-evaluation report together with the relevant recommendations. Conclusions drawn in the report have been considered by the SWIR in its evaluation and used as a basis for the SNSF's multi-year programme 2017-2020.

Evaluation of the evaluation procedure

In 2012, a team of US researchers led by Chris Coryn from Western Michigan University took a close look at the quality and transparency of the evaluation procedure at the SNSF. The evaluation project aimed to show to what extent the evaluation procedure of the SNSF is fair and impartial as well as comprehensible and transparent. The project also analysed to what degree the SNSF achieves its goal of funding excellent and original research in all disciplines and promoting young scientists.

Evaluation of the fellowship programmes

In 2010, the "Observatoire science, politique et société" of the University of Lausanne examined the relevance of the SNSF's fellowship programmes for the promotion of young researchers, the programme's appeal, and its influence on grantee's careers and gender equality. The insights gained served as a basis for the reorganisation of the fellowship programmes in 2013 and the introduction of Doc.Mobility, Doc.CH, Early Postdoc.Mobility and Advanced Postdoc.Mobility.

Evaluation of SNSF professorships

The SNSF commissioned a survey on the SNSF professorships scheme in 2014. The firm entrusted with conducting the survey - “Interface Politikstudien Forschung Beratung“ – sent questionnaires to all recipients of an SNSF professorship grant, to the institutions hosting the current grantees of the scheme and to the rectors and presidents of the higher education institutions in order to assess the scheme’s goal achievement and positioning.

In 2007, the "Observatoire science, politique et société" of the University of Lausanne evaluated the SNSF professorships, analysing their adoption and implementation at Swiss higher education institutions as well as their impacts on the academic careers of the grantees.