SNSF media courses: free places in autumn/winter 2023

Learn how to deal successfully with the media. Our media courses teach you how to bring your core message across in print media, on TV or on social media. A limited number of places are still free for the 2023 course dates.

In the one-day media training, you will learn how to bring your core message across in front of the camera or microphone in an understandable and convincing way. In the one-day intensive “text course”, you will practise describing your research in language that does not exclude a non-scientific audience. And in the day-long social media workshop, you will acquire skills that enable you to assess the quality of both your own and other people’s posts.

The courses are primarily aimed at researchers who have initial research experience at postdoctoral level. But the offer is also open to other advanced researchers who are funded by the SNSF or the Mercator Foundation Switzerland. Working with experienced experts, you will acquire valuable tools for your dealings with the media, including learning how to arouse media interest and getting your core message across in a way that is understandable to all.

Course dates in autumn/winter 2023

Media training

  • German: 10 November (women only, fully booked); 24 November (fully booked); 1 December
  • French: 6 October; 17 November; 1 December (women only)
  • English: 3 November

Intensive text course

  • German: 17 November

Social media workshop

  • German: 1 December