Special Call on Coronaviruses

The SNSF is awarding grants to researchers in Switzerland who contribute to expanding global efforts to fight the ongoing coronavirus epidemic. The aim is to find out more about the virus and improve clinical and public health measures.

​There is an urgent need for more in-depth knowledge of the current coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19). The SNSF is convinced that researchers in Switzerland can make a significant contribution towards resolving the current situation. Researchers from all disciplines are eligible to take part. The proposed projects are expected to improve our understanding of the virus and how it spreads, as well as of the resulting illnesses, their diagnosis and treatment. Alternatively, projects can be aimed at helping the health system and society as a whole find more effective ways of dealing with the epidemic.

Project proposals can be submitted until 25 March 2020. The budget for the programme is expected to total ten million Swiss francs. All proposals will be evaluated by international experts. The SNSF will endeavour to inform applicants about the results by mid-May 2020.

This special call in response to current events is the first of its kind. The SNSF will carefully assess whether the initiative was useful and, based on this, whether similar calls might be launched in the future.

Website of special call on coronaviruses