MD-PhD programme

Support for the scientific further education of MDs

The MD-PhD programme, a joint effort of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (SAMS) and the Swiss National Science Foundation, is designed to enable research-oriented physicians to complete a second course of study at a Swiss University leading to the conferral of a doctorate in the fields of science, public health, clinical research or bioethics.

Grants may be awarded for a maximum duration of three years.

  • Participation requirements

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    ​Applicants must have successfully completed a course of study in human, dental or veterinary medicine before the funding begins.

  • How To

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    Submission of proposals

    The applications are submitted to the local MD-PhD commissions. Information on application submission as well as the application documents can be obtained from the responsible persons at the dean's offices (see links on the SAMS website).

    Evaluation procedure

    The selection procedure comprises two steps. The local MD-PhD commission elaborates a shortlist of the submitted applications. The selected candidates are evaluated by a national expert committee. This body submits a funding proposal to the funding organisations.

  • News

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