NRP 38 "Diseases of the Nervous System"

​The National Research Programme "Diseases of the Nervous System" (NRP 38) promotes the link between basic research and clinical practice. It encourages clinicians to further engage in scientific research and stimulates researchers to focus on current relevant clinical problems.

Facts & figures

Overall funding

CHF 16'000'000

President of experts

Volker Henn until December 1997 † and Jürg Kesselring from 1998

End of research



  • Brain Research Reviews, Special Issue "The Brain in Health and Disease", Elsevier, Vol. 36, October 2001, scientific review articles by the NRP 38 project leader and the guest speakers at the closing event of NRP 38.
  • "Wunderwelt Gehirn" - a highly readablebrochure (PDF)(PDF, in German) which explains the workings of the brain and nervous system in simple terms.