NRP 08 "Economy and Effectiveness of Swiss Health Care"

The objective of the National Research Programme “Economy and Effectiveness of Swiss Health Care” (NRP 08) was to investigate the Swiss health care sector, in particular outpatient care, and contribute to improving its value for money and effectiveness.

The programme focused on analysis of cooperation among different health care professions, investigation of cost management mechanisms and pricing structures. In addition, it analysed data relating to health insurance, conducted surveys on outpatient services provided to the population and developed a framework for planning the delivery of outpatient care. Two final projects were concerned with problems relating to occupational health.

Facts and figures

Overall budget

CHF 6,600,000

President of the Expert Group

Karl Kennel

Programme Director

Felix Gutzwiller

Completion of research work


Final reports

J. H. Sommer, F. Gutzwiller; Wirtschaftlichkeit und Wirksamkeit im schweizerischen Gesundheitswesen, Verlag Huber, Bern, 1986/Economie et efficacité du système suisse de santé, Editions Huber, Berne, 1986