Practice-to-Science: 20 grants awarded in the third call for proposals

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The SNSF is investing 12 million Swiss francs in 20 new Practice-to-Science projects. This is the last call for this pilot scheme.

In October 2023, 73 researchers submitted a proposal under the Practice-to-Science scheme. Of these, 33 were selected for the second evaluation phase. At the end of this two-stage selection procedure, the SNSF awarded 20 grants. With 9 grants awarded to women (45%), the target of 35% female beneficiaries has been easily met.

Under the Practice-to-Science scheme, these 20 researchers will have the opportunity to establish themselves as professors and to lead, manage and direct an independent project at a university of applied sciences or a university of teacher education in Switzerland. By awarding the grantees an average of 575,346 Swiss francs each, the SNSF is enabling them to take an important step forward in their careers.

Wide range of projects

Of the 20 projects selected, five are from the fields of mathematics, natural sciences and engineering, ten are from the humanities and social sciences, and five are related to biology and medicine. The range of research topics is very broad. Most of the projects will launch by the end of 2024; the usual duration is three years. A complete list of the funded projects is given below as well as on the Practice-to-Science website.

Last call for proposals

The SNSF launched the Practice-to-Science scheme as a pilot project at the end of 2019 to enhance competitiveness in use-inspired research. Practice-to-Science grants are aimed at qualified experts with proven practical experience who wish to return to a university of applied sciences (UAS) or a university of teacher education (UTE) as professors. These time-limited positions offer the opportunity of obtaining higher qualifications or a permanent position.

From 2025, the SNSF will refocus its portfolio of funding schemes to concentrate on supporting research projects and postdoctoral careers. Consequently, no new calls for Practice-to-Science proposals are planned, but the SNSF will continue to reflect on the best way of supporting careers at UASs and UTEs, taking into account the results obtained during this pilot phase.