Results of investigation into plagiarism accusations

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The SNSF has detected plagiarism in three books and imposed the appropriate sanctions.

Just over a year ago, various accusations surfaced in the media involving a researcher who had allegedly engaged in plagiarism in books. The publication of the books was funded by the SNSF. The funding serves to make research results available to the general public (Open Access).

The SNSF initiated an investigation into the complaints. This has shown that extensive plagiarism was indeed committed in three of four examined books. The SNSF is therefore revoking the grants for the three publications, and the researcher will have to return the funds they received. Furthermore, the researcher will not be permitted to request any funding from the SNSF for a period of five years. The decision is not yet legally in force.

For the SNSF, scientific integrity is essential. It consistently and thoroughly investigates cases of suspected scientific misconduct.