NCCR "NCCR Molecular Oncology – From Basic Research to Therapeutic Approaches" (2001-2013)

​NCCR Director: Prof. Michel Aguet (2001-2013)

Home Institution: ISREC Epalinges (2001-2007), EPFL (2008-2013)

Research in the NCCR and major results

The NCCR Molecular Oncology was launched in 2001 by the “Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research” (ISREC). Its aim was to strengthen basic cancer research in Switzerland and to build new bridges between basic and clinical cancer research (translational research). All projects have been oriented directly to cancer-relevant and therapy-oriented research questions. The four main thematic modules were “Cell Signalling in Tumour Development and Metastasis”, “Gene Expression Signatures in Tumours”, “Tumour Angiogenesis” and “Tumour Immunity/Cancer Immunotherapy”. In 2008 the NCCR has been integrated, together with ISREC, into EPF Lausanne.

The long-term aim of the NCCR was to better understand the mechanisms leading to tumour growth and metastasis formation, and to identify new molecules that may serve as therapeutic targets.

Overview of NCCR projects and of participating research groups (PDF)