Guidelines for CV and major achievements

The SNSF has signed the “San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA)”, which recommends funders to be explicit about the criteria used in evaluating the scientific productivity of applicants. The scientific quality, value and impact of the entire research output is taken into consideration (including datasets, software, prototypes) in addition to research publications. In this context, the scientific content of a paper is much more important than publication metrics or the name of the journal in which it was published. Within the scope of this evaluation, the scientific discipline and the academic age (incl. career breaks, care duties, etc.) of the applicants will be considered.

In order to comply with the DORA principles, the SNSF defined a new structure for the CV and requests a standardised set of information from all applicants.

Specifically, applicants will have to compile their CV according to a new template on the SNSF-Portal and subsequently upload a PDF in the data container “CV and major achievements”.

You find more information on the CV website and on the SNSF-PortalExternal Link Icon. This information, which must be provided each applicant and written in the language of the research plan, is sent out for peer-reviewing.

This set of information is used to assess the following criteria:

  • eligibility of the applicant for project funding,
  • scientific qualifications of the applicant and the scientific quality and relevance of the research output, based on past achievements,
  • ability of the applicant to conduct a research project under his/her own responsibility.

Proposals that lack the relevant information will not be considered for evaluation.