Project staff

The SNSF promotes the careers of staff members in projects by means of specific measures aimed at doctoral students and postdocs.

  • Support options within the scope of the ongoing project

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    ​Doctoral students

    Doctoral students employed in research projects can apply for a mobility grant in order to conduct part of their doctoral thesis abroad by agreement with the project leader. The mobility grant is awarded as a supplementary grant within the scope of an ongoing SNSF project. Doctoral students with family commitments can compensate their child care costs with the Flexibility Grant.


    Postdocs with family commitments who work for an SNSF-funded project can apply for a Flexibility Grant to compensate external child care costs and/or the salary of a support person if they reduce their work-time percentage.

    Other support options

    As of mid-April, women working in projects or benefiting from career funding schemes at doctoral or postdoctoral level will be entitled to a gender equality grant for measures such as mentoring, coaching, network meetings or networking events (applies to rulings dated 15 April 2014 and after).

    With its funding schemes, the SNSF aims to provide optimal support for applicants at different stages in their careers.

  • Salaries / basic information on the employment conditions

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    ​The SNSF sets out the conditions for the employment of staff in SNSF projects. However, the research institution, not the SNSF, is regarded as the employer. The personnel regulations of the employer apply.

    The SNSF principles are set out in the following documents:

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