NRP 16 "Methods for Conservation of Objects of Cultural Value"

The general aim of the National Research Programme "Methods for Conservation of Objects of Cultural Value" (NRP 16) was to make the following contributions to protecting Switzerland’s cultural assets:

  • Improve existing methods and develop new methods to analyse, preserve and restore cultural assets
  • Train and educate qualified external experts to carry out such research tasks
  • Coordinate the activities of specialist laboratories and institutes to promote the creation of a decentralised services network in Switzerland
  • Collect and disseminate information about the research work conducted in the scope of the programme, and generally raise public awareness for the requirements for protection of cultural assets

The research work focused on both movable and immovable cultural assets in Switzerland, although attention was primarily given to “tangible” cultural assets. Actual measures to protect specific cultural assets of our country were not in the focus of this programme.

Facts and figures

Overall grant

CHF 9,500,000

President of the Expert Group

C. Lapaire

Programme Director

F. Schweizer

Completion of research work


Final reports

Methoden zur Erhaltung von Kulturgütern/Méthodes de conservation des biens culturels/Methods for the Preservation of Cultural Properties, hrsg. von F. Schweizer/V. Villiger, Verlag Haupt Bern und Stuttgart, 1989