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The PROMYS programme supports researchers from EU-27 countries or Switzerland who aspire to an assistant professorship in Bulgaria.

PROMYS is being extended: The programme, which gives researchers the possibility to obtain an assistant professorship in Bulgaria, will remain open until 29 February 2024. The following eligibility criteria have been slightly adapted:

  • The eligibility window has been extended, allowing researchers to submit a proposal two to seven years after completing the PhD.
  • Originally, it was necessary for applicants to have worked for at least one year in Switzerland during their PhD or postdoctoral phase. It is now also possible to apply with research experience of at least one year in any EU-27 country. Researchers based at Bulgarian institutions who do not have any research experience abroad are not eligible to apply.

All the other eligibility criteria remain the same. For more information, please consult the call document.

PROMYS is one of the three funding programmes offered by the SNSF as part of the second Swiss contribution to selected EU member states. The mandate was given by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). The programme is intended to create promising and interesting career opportunities for outstanding researchers in Bulgaria and to thus counteract a "brain drain". At the same time, PROMYS aims to strengthen Bulgaria as a research location in general.

The programme is aimed at researchers who worked in an EU-27 country or Switzerland for at least one year during their doctoral or postdoctoral phase, and who now aspire to an assistant professorship in Bulgaria. Researchers with two to seven years' research experience since their doctorate can submit an application. To be eligible, they need to have worked for at least three years either in one of the EU-27 countries or in Switzerland, or they must be a national of one of the above-mentioned countries. They can apply for their own salaries, the salaries of project staff, and other research costs. Under the terms of the grant, they will receive a maximum of 625,000 francs for a project duration of five years. The SNSF can finance three PROMYS projects in total.

A previous PROMYS call was conducted in 2016, in which 7 projects were funded by the SNSF with 4.3 million francs.

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