Note on social insurance

Please read the note on the settlement of social insurance contributions for natural persons.

Residence in Switzerland

The compensation you receive for your expert work is generally considered to be income from self-employment in accordance with margin number 4074 in the guidelines on the relevant salary for OASI, DI and EO (German WML GuidlinesExternal Link Icon | French WML GuidelinesExternal Link Icon | Italian WML GuidelinesExternal Link Icon).

  • With a declaration of self-employment: If you are self-employed and affiliated to an OASI compensation fund, declare your self-employment in your profile under "Payment information". Upload the declaration of self-employment (or confirmation of affiliation) in your profile immediately. Your declaration of independence must not be older than 2 years.
  • Without a declaration of self-employment: If you do not submit a declaration of self-employment, the SNSF will deduct OASI contributions from all your compensation. This also applies to minor contributions within the scope of Art. 34d para. 1 AHVV.

If you do not agree with the above procedure or are currently in the process of applying to the relevant cantonal compensation office for affiliation as a self-employed person, please let us know immediately at (fin@snf.chExternal Link Icon).

Residence outside Switzerland

Please note the following points regarding your expert activity at the SNSF, which is subject to insurance subordination. Further information on cross-border employment can be found on the official OASI/DI websiteExternal Link Icon.

EU/EFTA countries, the UK or Australia

Either you are gainfully employed in several EU/EFTA member states or you are gainfully employed in Switzerland and the UK or Australia.

  • Reporting to the authorities: Please report your employment directly to the respective social insurance authority in your country of residence or to your employer. Additionally, inform them that under the applicable legal situation in Switzerland you are considered self-employed with regard to your work at the SNSF.
  • Submiting a certificate: You may submit an A1 certificate to the SNSF (fin@snf.chExternal Link Icon). This certificate serves to determine the definitive insurance commitment in agreement with the relevant Swiss authority.

Other countries

Generally, you are not required to do anything. Under certain circumstances, there may be a reporting obligation due to state treaty regulations.