NCCR Mediality

2005 series

Home institution: University of Zurich

The National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) "Mediality – Historical Perspectives" focuses on the historicity of media and mediality. It investigates forms of communication before the era of mass-media and technologically oriented media discourses.

Through the analysis of texts, images, maps, sculptures, architecture, textiles, sounds and films particular situations are examined, in which change in communication practices, new dynamics in medial forms, and reflection on the conditions of communication become palpable. The main question is what can act as a medium, and what are the specific conditions that make mediacy possible. Participating fields of the NCCR are: German literature and linguistics, history, history of art, film studies, musicology, Scandinavian studies, romance literature and linguistics, as well as law.

Further information on the NCCR:

  • Contact details

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    NCCR Management

    NCCR Director

    Prof. Christian Kiening
    Universität Zürich
    Deutsches Seminar
    Schönberggasse 9, SOD 216
    8001 Zürich
    Phone +41 (0) 44 634 25 41
    ckiening@access.uzh.chExternal Link Icon

    Management / Coordination

    Prof. Martina Stercken
    Universität Zürich, Historisches Seminar
    NCCR Mediality
    Rämistrasse 42, RAL-G-10
    8001 Zürich
    Phone +41 (0) 44 634 51 16
    stercken@hist.uzh.chExternal Link Icon

  • Funding

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    ​NCCRs are financed through grants awarded by the SNSF, but also from other sources. The home institution involved in the NCCR also contributes a substantial amount of money. The available overall budget of the NCCR is further increased by monetary contributions from the project participants and third-party funds, which are generally invested by industrial companies.

    The SNSF is financing the NCCR Mediality in its third funding period, i.e. over the maximum permissible running time of twelve years.

    Financing 2005 – 2017 (Swiss Francs)

    Funding source




    SNSF grant




    Funds of Zurich University




    Group funds of the project participants




    External funds








  • Evaluation / Review Panel

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    ​For each NCCR, the SNSF appoints a Review Panel composed of renowned experts whose task it is to evaluate scientific quality and the progress made in NCCR projects. The Review Panel of the NCCR Mediality consists of the following experts:

    Contact person at the SNSF:

    Dr. Stefan Bachmann
    NCCR Team
    Swiss National Science Foundation
    Wildhainweg 3
    3001 Bern
    Phone +41 (0) 31 308 23 49
    stefan.bachmann@snf.chExternal Link Icon

  • Research structures

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    ​National Centres of Competence in Research leave their mark on the research landscape well beyond the SNSF funding period. They help to define key topics and sustainably change Swiss research structures. Thus NCCRs can lead to the creation of new professorships and courses of study as well as new infrastructures or platforms at the universities involved.

    NCCRs operate as a network in which a large number of scientific partners are active. Working within these networks has borne fruit in the form of new research approaches and excellent scientific contributions.

    Structures created by this NCCR until now: