Support measures for scientists from Ukraine

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The SNSF is making available 1 million francs to host researchers from Ukraine at universities in Switzerland through Scholars at Risk and supporting them with a series of additional measures.

In collaboration with Scholars at Risk Switzerland, this sum is intended to enable universities to host a first wave of researchers requesting support. This will allow them to pursue their own academic work at institutions in Switzerland. Additional sums may be allocated if the need arises.

Flexibility for ongoing projects

Other measures, effective immediately, are being taken for Ukrainian researchers in Switzerland who already hold an SNSF grant or are working in one of its projects, but who, for obvious reasons, cannot advance their projects or return to their country. The SNSF is ready to extend deadlines and funding periods temporarily, to offer flexibility with regard to terms of employment and to provide more funds.

Additional funding

In a second phase, the SNSF will take further steps to offer scientists from Ukraine the opportunity to work in Switzerland under its funding schemes. In particular, it encourages the leaders of the thousands of ongoing SNSF-funded projects to consider temporarily letting scientists from Ukraine (including doctoral students) join their teams; for this they could request the necessary additional funding.

The SNSF also encourages Swiss higher education institutions and research institutes to use their networks in Eastern Europe and to actively contact the SNSF to find solutions in individual cases where help could be provided. It calls for a concerted international effort to ensure that researchers from Ukraine and the entire research community of Ukraine are protected.