Jürg Stahl re-elected President of the SNSF Foundation Council

Jürg Stahl will continue to chair the SNSF Foundation Council from 2024 to 2027: the Federal Council has elected him for a second term. Under Jürg Stahl's leadership, the SNSF defended the interests of researchers at a difficult time.

As the SNSF's highest supervisory body, the Foundation Council is responsible for ensuring that the SNSF remains true to its mission and for its overall governance. Jürg Stahl has chaired the Foundation Council since January 2020. The Federal Council has now elected him for a further four-year term of office. Under the leadership of Jürg Stahl, the Foundation Council ensured the smooth running of the institution and defended the interests of thousands of researchers at a difficult time. This period was characterised in particular by the consequences of Switzerland's non-association with Horizon Europe and by tight budgets.

The Foundation Council also reformed the SNSF's structures during Jürg Stahl's first term of office. As a result, the Foundation Council will have a total of eight members from 2024 – significantly fewer than before. This downsizing should make it more agile and enable it to address the numerous challenges more flexibly.

The SNSF is Switzerland's foremost research funding organisation. Every year, it invests around 1 billion francs in projects and in the careers of up-and-coming researchers.