Weave / Lead Agency / International Co-Investigator Scheme

Want to launch a research project with partners abroad? Three agreements simplify the submission and evaluation of such proposals: Weave, Lead Agency and International Co-Investigator.

These three types of agreements are embedded in the SNSF's project funding scheme. Weave, Lead Agency and International Co-Investigator offer the following advantage: projects with international partners are evaluat-ed by a single funder, either the SNSF or the relevant agency abroad. Researchers submit only one transnational proposal instead of several to different national agencies. This saves a lot of time and effort on all sides.

Swiss researchers will need to use either the Weave or the Lead Agency scheme, depending on the country where their research partners are based.

Bilateral Lead Agency agreements with the following countries and regions

International Co-Investigator agreements with the following countries:

  • Denmark
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Sweden (Swedish Research Council)
  • UK (humanities and social sciences only)