SNSF Advanced Grants

Grants for leading researchers

Following Switzerland's non-association to Horizon Europe as of 2021, the SNSF has on the government's behalf launched the scheme 'SNSF Ad-vanced Grants'. It is aimed at researchers who intended to apply for an ERC Advanced Grant.

The scheme is open to all research disciplines and topics.

Scientists of any nationality who want to pursue innovative, high-risk research in Switzerland can apply for an SNSF Advanced Grant.

SNSF Advanced Grants are awarded up to a maximum of CHF 2.5 million for a period of up to 5 years (including 15% overhead paid directly to the host institution).

Currently no funding scheme comparable to the ERC Advanced Grants is available, neither at the SNSF nor elsewhere in Switzerland. The SNSF is therefore offering a transitional measure that is independent of its existing funding schemes. The SNSF will nevertheless ensure that the same research is not funded twice. This means that the same person can hold only one ERC grant or transitional measure for the same research at any given point in time.

  • Participation requirements

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    You must have a track record of outstanding research over the past ten years and be recognised as a leader in your field. These benchmarks should be matched by at least one of the following indicators:

    • Several significant peer-reviewed publications in a responsible role that had a major impact in the research field(s).
    • Major research monographs (for research fields where monographs are the norm).
    • A substantial record of invited presentation at well-established international conferences, organisation of international conferences, granted patents, outreach activities, general contributions to science, other artefacts with documented use.

    Any documented career break during the last ten years should be clearly explained in the CV.

  • FAQ

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    Can I use the same templates for grant submission as provided for the EU AdG call 2021?

    Yes, the ERC AdG 2021 word templates have been integrated into the SNSF Advanced Grants call and are available in mySNF.

    • Extended synopsis and research plan
    • CV and track record templates
    • Resources
    • Host institution commitment letter

    As a researcher, do I have to provide proof that I intended to apply for an ERC AdG in 2021?

    The SNSF is offering transitional measures for researchers who intended to apply for an ERC AdG grant under the Horizon Europe programme. Applicants do not need to provide any proof, however.

    Can researchers with less than ten years of research experience apply for an SNSF Advanced Grant?

    Researchers can apply for an SNSF Advanced Grant even if they do not yet have ten years of research experience. However, all applicants should be active and established researchers and team leaders with an outstanding track record, which must be set out in the application. For more information on the expected profile of the Advanced Grant applicant, please refer to the SNSF Advanced Grants call document.

    Under the SNSF Advanced Grants call, can team members be hosted by a research organisation other than the host institution?

    Yes, according to the SNSF regulations, team members can be hosted by other research organisation(s). The research organisation(s) should be referred to as (an) additional partner(s) in the research proposal.

    Are only PhD holders eligible to apply for an SNSF Advanced Grant?

    Yes, according to the SNSF regulations a PhD or equivalent degree (MD) is required to submit a proposal to the SNSF Advanced Grants call.

    Can an applicant request that the evaluators assess their track record over an extended period going back more than ten years (scientifically productive and creative career achievements)?

    In specific circumstances, applicants may present their achievements over a period longer than the past ten years. Those circumstances should be factual and clearly reported in the CV. The reviewers are asked to take such circumstances into consideration.

    Will external experts have access to all my proposal documents during the evaluation process?

    Under the SNSF Advanced Grants call, the proposals are evaluated in two stages:

    In step 1, only the extended synopsis, CV and track record are evaluated (panel members and external experts do not have access to the full proposal at this stage). It is therefore important that this part of the proposal includes all essential information.

    In step 2, the full proposal, budget and time commitment are evaluated by panel members and external reviewers.

    The external experts will not have access to the administrative information provided in mySNF. 

    Should the applicant include a budget table and justification of resources in a separate document?

    Under the SNSF Advanced Grants call, the requested budget needs to be entered in the data container “Requested budget” in mySNF (no specific budget table is required):

    The justification of resources needs to be provided in a separate document (see section 3.1. of the SNSF Advanced Grants call document) und uploaded in the mySNF data container “Research Plan and Resources”. All eligible costs must be in line with the aims of the project for its entire duration and fully justified. The estimation of project costs should be as accurate as possible. The evaluation panels assess the estimated costs carefully and are entitled to reduce unjustified budgets. The applicant should not include any description of resources or budget details in the scientific proposal.

    Can a small or medium-sized enterprise qualify as host institution in order to support an SNSF Advanced Grant project?

    The host institution must be a legal entity based in Switzerland (public or private sector). Higher education institutions or non-commercial research institutions outside the higher education sector must be domiciled in Switzerland and financing must be predominantly Swiss.

    What is the page limit of the scientific proposal?

    Under the SNSF Advanced Grants call, the scientific proposal should not exceed 14 pages (not including references).

    If I am awarded an SNSF Advanced Grant, will I still be able to apply for other SNSF grants?

    Yes, holders of SNSF Advanced Grants can submit proposals in other SNSF funding schemes, such as project funding or R’Equip, as long as the proposals address different topics and have different aims and methodologies. 

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